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Refresh your skin today with PicoSure®’s breakthrough technology and see visibly clearer skin faster, and with fewer treatments.
Tattooed Arm
Tatoo Removal

Permanently remove unwanted tattoos quickly and effectively.

Young Model
Skin Rejuvenation

Get rid of age spots and sun damage quickly and effectively.

Fine lines and wrinkles

Diminish the natural signs of aging without injectables or downtime.

Happy Couple Hugging

Skin Revitalization

Uncover Your Beauty from Within.

Achieving a more youthful appearance without the typical discomfort and downtime is now possible with PicoSure®. Ultimate Solutions MedSpa provides this breakthrough technology to remove unwanted pigment, as well as treatment for wrinkles and acne scars. 


PicoSure® gently delivers short bursts of energy to target problem areas. This innovative technology can help you achieve a more youthful appearance.

Dedicated to Optimal Health Maintenance & Disease Prevention

A Better Alternative

Many patients want a more youthful look but just aren’t ready for injectables yet. The first step to achieving a more youthful appearance or just tweaking some trouble-spots may be a PicoSure® laser treatment. 

We use our Picosure® laser for skin pigmentation issues, but ALSO for it’s anti-aging, tightening, and smoothing effects as well. 

This laser is SAFE for ALL SKIN TYPES and there is minimal recovery time.  Combined with the correct post procedure skin care regimen, Picosure® laser treatments will truly amaze you.


Speak with our office today to see if this treatment is right for you!

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