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Skin Tag Removal

Restore Your Confidence with Beautiful, Skin Tag-Free Skin.
Goodbye Skin Tags!

Skin tags occur in both men and women as they age naturally, and they are most often found in the skin folds of the face, neck, armpits or groin. Many people desire to remove these moles, because not only are they unattractive they irritate skin while shaving and rub against clothes. 


There are multiple advantages of having skin tag removal performed at Ultimate Solutions MedSpa.  The procedure is quick, there is little or no discomfort, results are visible right away, and you are able to return to your normal activities directly following the treatment.

Lasting Results

Ideally, every procedure is performed without producing any cuts or deep markings. Temporary redness and swelling may occur, as well as minor bleeding.


Without having a specialist remove the skin tag, it may result in the need for repeat treatment and failure for the tag to fall off. When performed correctly, skin tag removal will leave the skin uniform in color and smooth to the touch.


Restore your clear, beautiful skin at Ultimate Solutions MedSpa.
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