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Eyebrows. They Can Make or Break Your Look.
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Everyone wants a natural look but, unfortunately, all eyebrows are not born equally. Microblading can even out the playing field by creating hair that isn’t really there microblading eyebrows. 


Microblading, also known as hairline strokes and feather lines, is the art of giving your eyebrows a fuller look. Microblading uses a tiny blade that deposits pigment slightly below the skin for a semi-permanent look that can last for years depending on your rate of cell regeneration.

Results Last Up to 3 Years

Depending on their skin and lifestyle, our clients come back for touch-ups once every six months or up to three years if they wait for the eyebrows to fade.

Are you opting for smudge-free eyebrows? The benefits of microblading include giving the freedom to enjoy getting your eyebrows wet. Enjoy swimming, working out, and even your sauna appointment without worrying about your eyebrows because they don’t wear off.

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