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Nutritional Programs

Are you looking for a more personalized and holistic nutrition plan? While some programs rely on the Body Mass Index or (BMI), we design nutritional programs based on a thorough analysis of each individual. We don’t believe that generalized data alone is enough to provide you with the sense of well-being that you desire.  We can design a plan that is right for you, as a unique individual, that can best serve your overall health.

Healthy Diet

Personalized Nutrition

We don't believe in "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to nutrition.  We begin with a blood test and additional diagnostics collect the information we need, centered solely around you and your lifestyle. This helps us directly pinpoint the area where your body may be lacking essential nutrients and design the right nutritional program for you. 

Body Cleanse & Detox

Every day, our bodies work to cleanse our system of toxins associated with the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs and the lymphatic system. In fact, one of your systems autonomic functions is internal detoxification; however, currently, it is impossible for the natural detoxification process to remove everything, due to the excess pollution within our environment. These toxic materials tend to accumulate in our tissues, and through regularly scheduled detoxification, these toxins can be adjusted and removed.


Enhancing the natural process with a total body cleanse keeps your system in better shape. We advise patients to detox at least once a year, if not multiple times a year, and will work with each patient to determine the best frequency for their particular system.

Female Swimmer








Ready to Get Your Personalized Nutrition Plan?

Receive your tailored health plan, created with you and your provider, which includes therapy recommendations, nutrition and movement, lifestyle adjustments, supplements, and more.

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