As we age, it’s common to notice the development of skin imperfections resulting from the natural signs of aging, or other environmental factors, such as long-term sun exposure. For those wanting to reverse their skin imperfections, there is now a revolutionary and medically advanced solution available to you with PicoSure skin revitalization treatments.

What is Picosure?

Picosure is a revolutionary skin rejuvenating laser treatment that delivers results in a safer, more effective way. Picosure produces safe and more comfortable treatments by harnessing energy waves produced by a specialized laser, converts them into pressure waves, which gently invade damaged skin cells at a rapid pace. Because the laser energy is able to penetrate skin at a much quicker rate, the cells that create the pigmentation of skin are vibrated so quickly that they shatter. This advanced process exceeds previous treatment methods that typically use heat, making them potentially more harmful to the surrounding skin. The gentle waves used in Picosure treatments activate the skin’s natural healing process of collagen production through the use of cutting edge cell signaling.


How Does It Work?

Through scientific advances, the way in which cells communicate has  become more clear. Picosure utilizes this medical finding to trigger the cell signaling process. Through specialized light wavelengths, and a unique lens, rapid pressure is lightly delivered to the dermis layer of the  treatment area. The targeted cells then reciprocate with their natural molecular healing response, causing the area to initiate an advanced inflammatory healing process which increases collagen and elastin levels. The natural formation of these substances is responsible for producing  hydrated skin with a more youthful glow. Treatments are painless and quick and can last up to 15 minutes with no necessary downtime.


What Are The Benefits?

PicoSure focus treatments produce the rejuvenating benefits necessary for improving skin concerns including:

  • Wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Acne
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Blemishes
  • Hyperpigmentation/ freckles
  • Uneven skin tone 

Before and After:

Tattoo Removal

Celebrate the tattoos you love…clear the ones you regret!
Whether are you looking to clean up an existing tattoo and replace it with a new one, or to finally replace the past, PicoSure laser tattoo removal can provide a faster removal result than any other tattoo removal treatment.

PicoSure removes tattoos effectively and in far fewer treatments, delivering you the results you want.

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