PRP Treatment - Breast Lift


The problem we hear from most women is that they are not as concerned with the size of their breasts as they are with the shape and sensitivity.

The surgical breast lift, lifts the nipple without adding any volume to the upper breast or cleavage area, but the risks can include numbness of the nipple the procedure.

In an effort to solve the potential problems of unnatural shaping and aging that can occur with traditional breast implant procedures, doctors started taking fat out of other parts of the body and putting it back in to the breast. The problem with this type of procedure proved to be an issue with the survival of the fat cells after transfer.

To help with the survival of the fat cells, most surgeons now mix the fat with blood-derived growth factors. These growth factors act like a fertilizer help the fat survive the transfer. Now, when the woman does not want a change in size, just a change in shape, you can just use the growth factors to give the breast a tighter, younger shape. And, unlike a surgical procedure, the sensitivity of the breast and nipple are restored.

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