Your eyebrows really help frame your face and set off your eyes. Or at least they should. If you’re unhappy with your light brows, consider eyebrow tinting at our office.

While eyebrow styles have certainly changed throughout the decades, eyebrows remain to be one of the key components of a beautiful face for women. They should be neither too large nor too narrow. They should not extend too far to either side of the face, nor should they meet in the middle. They should not be too bushy or too sparse. Most important to many, the brows should be the right color.

While trends come and go, color needs for the brows stay mostly the same over the years. The perfect color for brows depends on personal taste, hair color and age. While some prefer to go dramatic, most women go for a traditional look. However, because many women dye or highlight their hair these days, the natural color of eyebrows may not look very good at all. If you are one of those who spends too much time every morning drawing on and blending in the perfect brows, you can think of professional eyebrow tinting as your lifesaver.

Eyebrow tinting can change the color of the eyebrow hairs that you have for as long as they grow. Eventually, these hairs fall out and are replaced with new hairs that will have to be re-tinted. However, eyebrow tinting lasts far longer and looks far better than does manual coloring with makeup.

Eyebrow tinting is a simple procedure that can often be added on to other popular aesthetic treatments in our office. We will match the correct tint for your brows according to your preferences and your current hair color. We have plenty of expertise to know exactly what color is best for you, and we can even change your current eyebrow tinting color if you have recently changed hair colors.

You will quickly discover that professional eyebrow tinting is far safer than at-home tinting is. While you may think you are saving money by purchasing a box of dye from your local store to use on your brows, you may actually be participating in an unsafe process. Not to mention, the results are less than ideal.

At Ultimate Solutions Medical Spa, we can mix up an endless array of shades for a customized eyebrow look just for you. Contact us today to book your appointment at our office in Darien!

Ultimate Solutions Med Spa by Dr. Jen

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