Reverse Signs of Aging With IPL Photofacial Treatments in Darien

Many of our Darien clients ask us about non-invasive treatments for aging skin. Some of the traditional cosmetic procedures such as skin ablation and abrasive resurfacing can actually cause unwanted damage. Light therapy is a rather new skin rejuvenation treatment, and intense pulsed light, or IPL, is rapidly gaining popularity. We have found that IPL photofacial treatments are effective at treating common skin problems such as acne scars and injury scars, freckles and age spots, and facial lines and wrinkles. All of these become more noticeable as the skin ages. The best part about IPL is the ease with which the procedure is performed and the long-lasting results, one of which is an increase in collagen production.

Using Light Energy to Treat the Skin

When one thinks about light energy, laser therapy probably comes to mind. Lasers aren’t used in IPL photofacial treatments, however. Instead, the device emits broad-spectrum light beams that are tightly focused. Solid material will either absorb or reflect light depending on the density and color of the material.

When properly calibrated, the IPL device will send a mix of wavelengths through the epidermis and into the lower dermal layers. Only the cells containing chromophores will absorb the energy. These cells will be damaged and eventually discarded by the body.

Sensing injury, the body quickly begins to produce replacement skin cells. The light energy also causes collagen to shrink, and this kickstarts a process of accelerated collagen production. Therefore, IPL not only diminishes the appearance of age-related spots and blemishes, but also helps smooth the skin through the production of collagen.

A Simple Cosmetic Procedure

A typical IPL photofacial treatment in Darien takes only minutes to perform. The device is placed on the skin surface, and the lamp is flashed for a very brief moment. The snapping sensation felt by the client is the result of energy passing through the upper skin layers. After a number of pulses, the device is moved to the next area of concern. The epidermis is not damaged because the energy passes right through it.

What makes IPL such a popular treatment for age-related skin problems? No chemicals are used, no skin is ablated, and no deep wounds are created. Some of our clients in Darien now work periodic IPL photofacial treatments into their regular skin care regimens.

Glowing, Youthful Skin Without Blemishes

You can’t actually turn back the aging clock, but you can indeed enjoy results that will make your friends believe you’ve discovered the fountain of youth. You can get complete information about IPL photofacial treatments during a consultation at Ultimate Solutions Medical Spa in Darien. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started!

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