Something strange has been happening to you since you reached middle-age. You don’t have any energy anymore. You’re tired all of the time. It doesn’t matter if you sleep ten hours a day. You’re always dragging. Your strength isn’t what it used to be either. You can’t put in your full workout anymore. The pounds are creeping up around your waist. You’ve lost your libido too. It’s enough to make your life miserable. You’re looking for something to give you relief. It’s time to think about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

What’s Going on with Your Body?

As troubling as your symptoms are, they are a normal part of life. Your reproductive system is getting ready to shut down. As a result, your reproductive hormones are dropping. This can really throw your body into a tailspin. Reproductive hormones are responsible for more than regulating your reproductive system. They play a major role in the effects on your metabolism, your ability to concentrate, your sleep patterns and your moods. When they start fluctuating to a serious degree, it can really throw you for a loop. Bioidentical hormone replacement can help you to restore balance to your system.

How Does Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Work?

Bioidentical hormone replacement is not a do-it-yourself kind of therapy. You need a doctor to determine if your hormones are the problem in the first place. Once it is determined what hormones are lacking, our physician can prescribe bioidentical hormones at a dosage that will meet your needs. With consistent treatment, you will begin to feel like yourself again.

How Can You Get Started?

If you are struggling with symptoms that suggest your reproductive hormones are doing a disappearing act, make an appointment at Ultimate Solutions to talk about your problems. A blood test is a simple way to check your hormone levels. If our doctor finds that you have experienced a considerable drop in reproductive hormones, bioidentical hormone replacement can be prescribed for you. Our doctor can monitor your progress and adjust your treatment plan as needed to ensure that you feel better.

Ultimate Solutions is located in Darien. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation for bioidentical hormone replacement!

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